About Healthy Teens

At Healthy Teens Magazine, we are a small dedicated group of people who really believe in what we are doing. The principal author of this cutting edge resource for young people has written a magazine that really connects with teenagers at a time in their lives when they are most susceptible to drug use; she herself is an Addictions and Mental Health clinician. You will also find articles written by other professionals in the field dealing with crucial issues facing teens and their parents, and providing a unique magazine that deals effectively with one of society’s most troubling concerns.


About Our Author: Elana Sures

Elana Sures is a Clinical Counsellor within a Public Health Authority. She has worked in the field of Addictions and Mental Health for over ten years, with youth, adults, and families. She has a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia. In addition to counselling, Elana has made frequent public presentations and lectures in the areas of substance abuse and mental health. She lives and works in Vancouver, BC. To connect directly to Elana, please visit her website at www.elanasures.ca